Software rescue

Old devs have fled the country.

You've hired a bunch of in-house developers for a new project, the stars have aligned - the software is finished. Brilliant!

But then, oh no! They've decided to leave and before you know it, no handover has taken place. You've got a bunch of software that's luckily still running, but for how long?

Software rescue

My software is soooo slow.

Click.... waiting... waiting... *makes a tea* ... ah, the page has loaded!

Does that sound familiar? Keep scrolling.

Potion of software restoration

Ready for a drink? Let's get your software running great again.

We can optimize database queries to make it snappy, remove potential vulnerabilities to make it secure and give it a UI polish to make it shine, something you're proud of!

Legacy software resurrection

Wait! Don't drive the stake through your old legacy software yet, we might be able to help.

We will analyse your software by looking through your codebase, understanding the software and create a plan to improve any areas that need it. Of course, if it is too late, we can help migrate existing data, stake the old software and build a new system for you.

Bug squashing

We've equipped the protective equipment and are ready to safely remove the infestation!

Don't let those nasty bugs keep you from enjoying your bespoke software, we can fix the issues causing you grief and maybe even make some small improvements while we're there.

Future proofing

We use our magic future-proofing enchantments to look into the crystal ball.

Making sure your software works for 1 person and 1000 people is something often overlooked, it's not just about upgrading servers, it's about optimizing what you already have.

Ready to get some help and start leveling up your software again?
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