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Easily add contacts and companies and track emails, telephone calls, projects, sales, meetings & more.


Manage your projects in either Kanban or Task List formats, these can be linked to contacts so you can see how a project is going for any client.


Add your email account and use Clockwork CRM as your email client. Emails are automatically linked to contacts and companies, allowing you to easily see communication history.


Track opportunities, close deals and see an overview of your pipeline with the sales manager. You can also add custom fields to keep track of the extra bits of important information so that you can tailor your sales process to your customers.


Plan your day easily using the built-in calendar. Quickly add events, meetings and calls linking them to your contacts when needed.

File Management

Manage your business files and data, all within your CRM. Upload and browse files, share files with clients and restrict access per user group.

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